Monday, November 11, 2013

The Happiest Moment

Right now I am the happiest I could be.

Granted, I would be happier if I had paid time off left and my son were not sick; but these are the hurdles that brought me to this place of happiness, so I embrace them. They are tiny hurdles and from darkness comes light and all that yin and yang jazz. Any which way, I couldn't be more content.

Plus, he's not THAT sick.

Sniffles and a cough. The cough is just nagging enough that he was up all night. It was just enough that I knew I had better not send him to school. So, after a brief jaunt to work, to open and ready the office I came back home.

Now we lay in front of the woodstove. In a nest of blankets and pillows and yawning dog we lay. We are surrounded by tissues, bellies full from toast and homemade jam. We are snuggled in thick, watching Rescue Bots on Netflix, while the first snow of the season falls outside. The gentle fire crackles and I stare at his fat, little toes, unsocked, peeking from the end of a green blanket. They wiggle enough to keep him awake and then they stop. His rhythmic breathing turns to stuffed up snores.

I am happy.

There is no place on the entire earth I would rather be. And I am the luckiest person alive.

He opens his eyes and I tell him it's snowing. He runs to the window and says, "do you hear it?!"
"What?" I ask, not following.
"Santa's sleigh! I hear it! It's snowing, Christmas is almost here!"
I laugh, "not yet, but soon."

Tomorrow he will head back to school. Tomorrow I will be back at work. Today I will will relish the absolute deliciousness of simplicity. Nothing is as sweet and everything is soon.


  1. Still miss your FB page, but am very glad I'm subscribed to your blog so I get get your writings. Hope Zeph is feeling better today!!

  2. Dig the blogs! Insightful with a warrior perspective. Looking forward to a subscription.
    Ryan S.

    1. Thank you. Hope you are well.

    2. well I’m hectic. I have a young son now and also going through a “D”. So your experiences provide a lot of wisdom. Sounds like things are great for y'all which is nice to read


    3. Don't let my experiences be a guide, I am the worst divorcer in the history of dissolved relationships. Have you read this?

      But maybe that's comforting..... knowing survival is possible.

  3. Your experiences and wisdom are more about being a parent 1st, divorcer a distant 2nd.

    I did not read that one but I since have. That was one experience for the ages, well written as always.

    You saying “Some people might do it with more finesse, but its not about strength. There is no choice” is pretty powerful.

    im thinking For my dock and boat im drawing just a surf board. I want to lay on it and paddle away, one with the water, calm and peaceful, hoping for a better life on the distant shore.

    Hearing stories of survival is the most comforting thing in the world. Living to be an old age should be “life giving”, not “life draining”.