Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Put Your Money WEAR Your Mouth Is

Mike Jeffries: The face of popularity, beauty and coolness. Or something.

Lately there has been a ton of internet chatter regarding the remarks by Abercrombie CEO, Mike Jeffries.  Basically, he is an asshole, a proud asshole and it bothers people. Frankly, I was unaware that Abercrombie and Fitch was a brand hell bent on excluding the ugly. I never shopped there because I thought the clothes were boring.

Not the point.

In response, angry people are writing long letters to the CEO. They blindly seek out his heartstrings, “I was never popular…”, “My family could never afford…,” “As an overweight woman….,” and I keep thinking, ‘The guy is a proud asshole. He doesn’t care.’.

He is glad. It proves what he is doing works. He has managed to build an entire brand while excluding you, if you are the unpopular, poor, fat kid. It worked. He is probably celebrating with each letter from within his evil clothing laboratory. He is probably sitting there, eating chocolate in front of poor children dressed like Charlie Bucket and pushing fat kids. Every time someone writes a letter telling him how they have found self worth, regardless of their weight, self proclaimed assholes like Mike Jeffries grow a little bit stronger.

So, I proclaim we actually do something. By we, I mean the old (over 25) and fat (if you can pinch something you are in). Are you in? Here is MY open letter to Mike Jeffries.

Dear Mr. Abercrombie and Fitch,

I’m not actually a fan of your brand. I think it’s boring. In fact, until all this recent media (good job, dude), I thought the store name was A{M}bercrombie and Fitch. Obviously people are pissed over your recent comments regarding your branding decisions. They were pretty heartless, man. I’m old and way too fat for your clothes now (if I didn’t find them monotonous), so I know you don’t care what I have to say. You don’t want me wearing them any more than I want to. This isn’t what this is about.

I may not be welcome in your stores. But my child is. See, the old fat people you pissed off? They are the wallets for the popular kids. Oh snap. I will not wear your clothing, thanks to your exclusive branding. You have made sure of that. But, now, neither will my four children.

They are thin (well, except the linebacker one, but he’s a boy and I think you said that is OK). They are popular. And we have money.

My daughter had stacks, STACKS I tell you, of Abercrombie and Fitch clothes. But not anymore. What to do with them was a bit of a problem. I hated to just throw them away, but then again, I hated to see them re-worn. So, before we donated them, we drew a big line through the logo. With black sharpie. They are forever marked “the poor people A & F.”

I am now asking this commitment from the world of blogger parents. “Don’t buy A & F for your kids. Keep this clothing out of the hands of our thin and popular youth. Soon, there will be nobody left. You, the parents, hold the wallet.”

It will be interesting. Because I know you don’t care about seeing me in your clothing.... but I am far more powerful than what I wear.

Jeanna Kaye

Independent thinker and dresser since 1978


  1. My kids who loved your clothes were ridiculed and refuse to wear them now. Thanks to your snobbery...... People are treating your clothes like fur unpopular and necessary.

  2. AND YOUR STORE SMELLS BAD !!Cannot ever walk past it without getting clobbered by the scent of skinny yuppies with mediocre hair

  3. Yes! This store gives me a headache with their cologne! Ugh! I will not be buying anything for my daughter, my nieces, or as gifts. I am giving all my a&f clothing to the homeless. #fitchthehomeless