Friday, March 1, 2013

McTip's Snips Part One

I knew things were going on today for Donna's Day. Goodness, I had read Donna's story on Mary Tyler Mom months before. My heart had wept for their beautiful family. But I'm always so busy, and what could I do? I didn't really look deeper.

I know the statistics. About 1 in 300 children will experience cancer. I know it costs them more. I know from my meetings with our AFLAC rep that treatment costs more for children. And I know funding for research on pediatric cancer is terribly low. I sat down at my desk and started filling out patient paperwork.  I completed the FMLA paperwork for a patient with recurrent breast cancer and stapled it together with my pink ribbon stapler and noticed the post on DeBie Hive. She was cutting her hair.

I don't have anything to give financially. Not right now. But I have all this hair. So much hair.

I have been growing my hair out since I started my life over. It, for some reason, makes me feel pretty and feminine, despite the major weight I've gained or wrinkles I've found over the past several years. A daily ponytail has become my staple
look. And when I let it loose, or let it drip long and wet, down my back, I feel like a goddess. I feel beautiful.

Could I cut it?

I texted Mr. Perfect "would you still love me if I shaved my head for childhood cancer awareness?" 

"I will always love you" he replied. And 10 minutes later he added, "Maybe I'll do it too."

I felt a wave of strength, like we could do this. We could make a difference.  I went up front, with the office scissors and asked the girls if they wanted to cut off my hair. No guts, no glory, we needed enough for Locks of Love. We measured and found I had well over 10 inches, about 12 or 13 in fact, in my ponytail. So, we cut.

And I was left with a really cute cut and a lot of hair to send to Locks Of Love. Then, something else happened. My Sudden Attack Of Conscience sent me a message and asked me if I wanted to drive to Chicago at the end of the month, to attend a Saint Baldrick's Event in honor of Donna. And I said ABSOLUTELY.

I knew this meant some heads were going to get shaved. And I knew I'm always down for a double dog dare. So, I went to the St. Baldricks website and set up a team.

If $50 is donated, Mr. Perfect will shave his head.
If $250 is donated, Mr. P and Eldest daughter will shave her head.
If $1000 is donated, all 3 of us will.

All it takes is 1000 people to donate ONE DOLLAR.

Will you be part of this?

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