Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm still here...

I am acutely aware I have not been writing. Every night the awareness seeps into my skull, tsk tsking at me like a Catholic mother,  filling me with guilt. I have lists of things I want to say. My brain drips with words. But nothing can seem to hit the screen. It's like I can never tell my story until that story is done and I find myself back in the seam, between two chapters of my life and it leaves me tongue tied. Just as I had adapted to my "new life", my Unsinkable Life, here I am on the Journey into the Woods; moving again, redefining again, transitioning again.

My new house has a writer's desk, in an artist's room. And it seems my brain, until I am sitting in that chair, is holding back. All I can promise is that it's coming.


  1. I like your writing, but I just wanted to add something about your Catholic Mother reference. Laying guilt trips isn't because of Catholicism. I was raised Catholic and my parents sacrificed and worked hard so that we could receive a great education at a Catholic school. We were not nade to feel guilty, but we were held accountable for our actions, and made to thought about the conesquences. Wouldn't it be great if more peopleheld themselves accountable, and their children?

    1. It was a JOKE, based on a stereotype.... get over yourself! I was raised Catholic too, I just don't feel the need to correct someone everytime they make a joke that does not apply to me. Catholics are so UPTIGHT! I apologize in advance to all Catholics my last comment does not pertain to.

  2. i LOVE your writing. you have an amazing way of making your words make me feel all of the ugliness and beauty this universe has to offer. As far as the catholic mother reference, you are DEAD ON! catholicism thrives on guilt trips. Guilt trips and oppression. Good parenting teaches accountability. don't get me wrong, i love Jesus, and His Father. i just wonder where is the love? why is it when i go to watch a wedding in a catholic church am i shunned from communion because i am not catholic? i still believe in the embodiment of Christ. oh i should be shunned because i am NOT CATHOLIC! that's not spreading love. it's oppression, repression, and i find it insulting that my love for God and Jesus isn't good enough for the catholic church. when the churches are so wrapped up in MONEY and LIES i believe my love is faaaaaar greater than theirs. i know my spirit is enlightened so i love ALL. and i pray for ALL!

  3. Oh my, well I wasn't trying to start a religious debate. I just took this from experience, the old women in the church would click their tongues and "tsk tsk" at the unruly children. They didn't yell, they just clicked and gave that look. The look laid more guilt than a thousand words. I henceforth called the tsking, my old Catholic lady tsk.